Our teams continue to work remotely in order to keep them, our communities and partners healthy.
To ensure that the business needs of all of our valued partners are being handled, we confirm all email contacts are fully functional and can be found here.
We appreciate your continued patience and further thank you for your ongoing support.

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Contact Oceanic Underwriters

Select a city below to contact an Oceanic Underwriter in your area. If you have a general inquiry please contact Oceanic Underwriters head office in Vancouver.

Head Office: Western Canada

625 Howe Street, Suite 300
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 2T6
604-689-5663 604-689-1501

Ontario & Atlantic Canada

380 Wellington Street, Suite 20
London, Ontario, N6A 5B5
519-850-1614 519-850-1610


Head Office: Western Canada 604-689-1501
Ontario & Atlantic Canada 519-850-1610